Facts to Back Us Up

There’s a direct relationship between time spent sitting and your risk of early mortality of any cause. As your total sitting time increases, so does your risk of an early death. No matter how much you exercise, sitting for excessively long periods of time is a risk factor for early death.*

*Study published in Annals of Internal Medicine 9/11/2017 by CNN


The increased risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event in those who sit the most compared to those who sit the least.


The percentage of Americans who sit all day at work.
The percentage of health care costs associated with sitting.
The percentage of sedentary American workers reported as “disengaged at work.”


Increased risk of Type II Diabetes from sitting more than eight hours everyday


The number of printed articles referencing the adverse effects of sitting


The increase in worker productivity experienced after short intervals of exercise during a workday.


The time most Americans spend sitting during the day.

$370 Billion

Cost to the US economy of lost productivity of actively disengaged employees (Gallop)

  • People who go to the gym do not reverse the health impact of prolonged sitting. Even if you go to the gym, excessive sitting kills. Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports 2008;2:292-8
  • The Top 10 Causes of Absenteeism,  The Telegraph, telegraph.co.uk
  • Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer of the breast, colon lung and endometrium, depression, hypertension, back pain and poor sleep quality were associated with prolonged sitting. http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/prevention/physicalactivity Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 2013;22:1906-12
  • The Causes and Cost of Absenteeism In The Workplace. forbes.com, Investopedia, Contributer , 7/10/2013
  • It is actually the movement between positions from sitting to standing that generate the beneficial health effects of getting up and moving. Just standing alone has been found to be of minimal benefit.  Mercola.com, 8/7/2014
  • Science backs this up: An active body begets an active brain. Levine James A.  GET UP!:  Why Your Chair Is Killing You And What You Can Do About It, James A Levine MD , 2014
  • GET UP!  Why Your Chair Is Killing You And What You Can Do About It Levine James A. GET UP!:  Why Your Chair Is Killing You And What You Can Do About It, James A Levine MD 2014
  • The average American sit 13 hours per day, 80% of Americans sit all day at work, and 68% hate it. They want solutions and change. Infographic: Sitting so much should scare you. JustStand.org. http//www.juststand.org/tabid/800/language/en-US/default.aspx
  • 1958 Less than 2 million Americans with diabetes. Today 26 million Americans have diabetes and 80 million have prediabetes. One in three Americans now have high blood pressure. The common denominator we sit all day. The Facts About Diabetes: A Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. http://ndep.nih.gov/diabetes-facts/.
  •  The key to minimizing the effects of sitting is to stand up often, optimally every 15 minutes , and perform a different exercise for 30 to 60 seconds. Mercola.com, August 7, 2014
  • The CDC estimates that the conditions brought prolonged sitting account for up to 75% of health care costs. Chronic diseases: The power to prevent, the call to control: At a glance 2009. https://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/resources/publications/aag/chronic.htm
  •  It is becoming increasingly clear that intermittent movement is critical for health and longevity, even more so than a regular workout routine. In order to be healthy, you have to get up off your behind- and you have to do it often. Mercola.com, August 7,2014
  •  A recent study suggests that one minute of vigorous exercise can be just as effective for improving health as 45 minutes of moderate intensity exercise (CNN) http://ww.cnn.com/2016/05/23/health/one-minute-workout/index.html
  •  Sitting for more than eight hours a day is associated with a 90%increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Those who sit the most have a 147% increased relative risk of cardiovascular events compared to those who sit least: all cause mortality is increased by 50%.  Mercola.com, 2/6/2015
  •  Within 90 seconds of standing up. muscular and cellular systems that process blood sugar, triglycerides. and cholesterol – which are all mediated by insulin – are activated. Dr. James Levine of the Mayo ClinicMercola.com, 2/6/2015
  •  Exercise during regular work hours may boost performance, with participants exhibiting improved time management, greater productivity, smoother interactions with colleagues, and going home feeling more satisfied at the end of the day. Leeds Metropolitan University Study