Research has proven excessive sitting, inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle SPEEDS UP THE AGING PROCESS!


That’s right, inactivity not only leaves you sluggish and tired, but it actually causes you to age more quickly. All too often we hear the expression “well you know you are getting older”.

While it’s wise to pace ourselves and moderate our physical activity in accordance with our age, taking it easy and sitting back more often than not is not good for your health. It makes us old!

Movement and activity are the key to a healthy life at every age. Every bodily function is improved with physical activity and suffers without activity. Physical health, mental health and graceful aging have one common denominator. Stay active!

So if you’re searching for that fountain of youth, look no further. Let Well Fit Plus be your activity trainer. Simple 90 second, follow along video exercise activities at regular intervals throughout the day. You choose your timing. We provide guided movement videos appropriate for all ages.


Everybody Up! Let us be your guide to health and wellness at work and at home. (

Jeff Grazen

Well Fit Plus, LLC