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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we are asked frequently, if you can’t find an answer to your inquiry, send us a message.

About Your Health

Every hour when you are sitting is great! In a perfect world a sedentary person would get up every 20 minutes and perform purposeful movement activity (PMA) video exercises to maximally offset the adverse affects of prolonged sitting. Realistically every hour will still do the trick.

Any chance you have to get up and engage your muscles with purposeful movement activity(PMA) will at least temporarily offset the adverse affects of sitting. Research shows we have to move and use our muscles as much as possible to be healthy. So GET UP whenever you can and perform a video!

Absolutely! The human body thrives on frequent movement and muscle activity. Collapsed posture, spinal compression, muscle atrophy, lost flexibility, muscle tension and joint stiffness are all side affects of sitting. The purposeful movement activities(PMA’s) in each video are specifically intended to address and counteract the adverse affect sitting has on our muscles and reverse postural strain.

The purposeful movement activity(PMA) video exercises in the Well Fit Plus program should never cause pain! If something hurts stop! If it hurts every time you do a specific movement you should consult your physician. This is a warning sign of a potential problem. You can continue to perform the PMA’s that do not hurt you.

If your body is not accustomed to exercise and using your muscles on a regular basis, it is very normal to experience mild exercise soreness for a couple days. This will pass as your body adapts to PMA’s over a week or two depending on your fitness level. You should never experience a pain level that prevents you from normal activity. If you are overly sore reduce your scheduled activity frequency. If you are in PAIN stop and discuss your response with your physician.

Research shows that the human body has to be active and movement is essential to optimal health and wellness. In as little as 20 minutes of sitting, physiologically our body starts to shut down and the cascade to failed health is initiated. Engaging our muscles regularly is essential to optimal health. WE HAVE TO MOVE REGULARLY TO STAY PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, AND EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY! If you want to complete your wellness goals, get up at least every hour and move.

Always go at your comfortable pace. Normally your abilities will improve slowly over time. If your short of breath or experience chest pain, dizziness, light headedness or any unusual discomfort, stop and consult your physician.

Postural back, neck strain and even headache pain associated with sitting are one of the primary targets of this program. Video purposeful movement activities(PMA’s) will help to counteract postural strain and will provide relief from uncomplicated spinal strain. If you have specific spinal injury or disease just be cautious during PMA videos. If you experience pain , STOP.

A sedentary workplace and life is our most common contributing factor to being lethargic and poor quality of life. Every aspect of human physiology and health is dependent on movement and muscle activity to function optimally. Our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing will decline if we don’t move regularly. Without regular activity our muscles atrophy, our cardiovascular health declines, our blood sugar and fat metabolism declines, and we gain weight. The risk of developing diabetes, heart diseases, anxiety, depression, cancer, inflammatory disorders, dementia, Alzheimers, and most disease is astoundingly increased. Increased mortality and premature death are even linked to a sedentary lifestyle. ACTIVITY AND MOVEMENT, USING OUR MUSCLES REGULARLY AND FREQUENTLY DURING THE DAY IS THE KEY TO GOOD HEALTH AND WELLNESS. GET UP…..MOVE…..FEEL THE ENERGY AND VITALITY RETURN TO YOUR LIFE! LIVE A WELL FIT PLUS LIFE!

About the App

Tapping on these bars takes you to your menu and control screens. View your statistics, play bonus videos, set your notification schedule, adjust your settings, reset your account, share, by tapping the three bars.

You only need to log in the first time you register for the app. The log in screen will briefly appear on your screen after long periods away from the app. You don’t need to do anything, it will disappear and proceed to your video screens automatically.

Go to the three bars in the upper left side of the app screen. Tap on this. Next tap on the Play Videos bar and the Play Videos screen with multiple thumbnails will appear. In the lower half of the screen you will be able to choose from 5 videos previously played to select a bonus video. Tap on one and your bonus video will play.

Your work schedule allows you time to do more and your really motivated! Optimally we should get up every 20 minutes to maximize our wellness efforts. You can also maintain a 100% daily average on your Today’s Scheduled Sessions + Bonus sessions goal screen by doing bonus videos if you miss a scheduled session during your work day.

Your streak is how many scheduled sessions you perform in a row without missing. Challenge yourself and achieve personal bests. If your occupied with work when your notification pops up you have until your next notification pops up to perform your video. Just click on your app icon and the next scheduled video will appear.

This is your next scheduled video. Tap on this to play an extra scheduled video activity.

Yes ….Tap on the Set Notifications Schedule bar. On the notifications screen just tap on the individual days to deactivate the desired days. Don’t forget to turn them back on when you return!