Sitting Too Much?

Posted on May 30, 2019

Sitting Too Much? Even If You Exercise Vigorously and Regularly, Prolonged Sitting Can Ruin Your Health. ( The solution? Get up every 30-60 minutes and challenge your body with 90 seconds of physical activity and movement. Our body needs to be engaged and active to stay healthy. We need to move at regular intervals to stay healthy both mentally and physically. An Active Body = Healthy Body + Healthy Mind + Emotional  Wellness + Productivity + Quality Life Let the Well Fit Plus
Research has proven excessive sitting, inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle SPEEDS UP THE AGING PROCESS!   That’s right, inactivity not only leaves you sluggish and tired, but it actually causes you to age more quickly. All too often we hear the expression “well you know you are getting older”. While it’s wise to pace ourselves and moderate our physical activity in accordance with our age, taking it easy and sitting back more often than not is
Research has shown, the average American sits 13 hours per day, 80% of Americans sit all day at work, and 68% of those workers hate it. They want solutions and change. We sleep all night. We roll out of bed to sit down to eat some breakfast. We sit in our car to drive to work. We sit at our desk. We sit to have some lunch. We sit as we drive home and eat dinner.
Is sitting too much really the new smoking? The adverse effects on your health are shockingly similar. From premature death to cancer, the end results of both habits are devastating. Statistics and studies reveal that both smoking and sitting for prolonged periods will drastically increase the risk for death from all causes. Heart disease, coronary artery disease, stroke, and even dementia to name a few. Absenteeism from work, diminished overall health, increased health care utilization and
Corporate Wellness programs can help control healthcare costs for all size businesses, especially small businesses. Many small employers who offer healthcare to their employees have moved towards providing high deductible plans. Monthly insurance premiums are lower, making Plans more affordable but then the employee is ultimately responsible for covering a more significant amount of their healthcare expenses when accessing services. Employers can help their employees save money on their deductible by helping them to stay