Corporate Wellness programs can help control healthcare costs for all size businesses, especially small businesses.

Many small employers who offer healthcare to their employees have moved towards providing high deductible plans. Monthly insurance premiums are lower, making Plans more affordable but then the employee is ultimately responsible for covering a more significant amount of their healthcare expenses when accessing services.

Employers can help their employees save money on their deductible by helping them to stay healthy through Wellness programs.

Some simple but effective wellness programs….

Promote healthy choices

Ditch the soda machine and vending machines loaded up with
candy and junk food. Replace with bottled water and healthier snack options. Offer
different teas as an option with your coffee station

Post nutritional charts in your break rooms

This will be a subtle reminder to your employees that the pizza or meat lovers’ hoagie their about eat, may not be the best idea. They can see how a good salad or grilled chicken with vegetables will be just as satisfying, but with a fraction of the fat and calories.

Promote activities outside of work

Forget about the happy hours, patriciate as a company in some of the countless charities that have Walk’s and Run’s throughout your community. These are even more effective if an employee or your company has some sort of connection to the organization putting on the event. These can also be great for networking!

Step Contests

Get employees to track their steps and post them in a central location for everyone to see. Competitive instincts will kick in, especially if you can add incentives like gift cards or paid time off.


An easy way to keep people healthy is by just getting them up throughout the day. Sitting for prolonged periods put employees at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and chronic back pain. Sitting all day slows a person’s metabolism, which will cause weight gain among the litany of other issues.

Stand up desks or even getting rid of personal printers can help to get people up on a more regular basis but research has found that just standing up may not be enough.

Well Fit Plus’s Everybody Up mobile application addresses this by not only notifying your employees that they need to get up but by leading and guiding them through proactive movement and muscle engagement activities.

At the end of the typical work day, employees complete 30-35 different specific muscle movements purposely designed to combat the adverse effects of sitting. All the movements are specifically designed to be done at work while wearing everyday business attire. By weeks end, a person will typically complete 160 or more purposeful movement wellness activities!

Every hour during the workday, employees follow along with our 90-second video coached activities…

It’s fun, engaging and healthy.

Everybody Up!