An at home, work, school... anytime, anywhere personal wellness app!

Perfect for use whether you’re at the office, working from home, in a classroom, or even when you’re home enjoying retirement! Well Fit Plus features health & wellness activity videos to promote a healthy body & mind, and get you up & moving.

Let this proactive wellness app guide you through 90 second coached activities to jump start your body and spark your mind. The perfect scheduled break on your mobile device. Notifications, accountability, personal statistics, goals, and more. Personal daily wellness in the palm of your hand. Get up and do what? Everybody Up with Well Fit Plus!


The average American sits 13 hours a day. 75% of Americans sit all day. Research has proven sitting is ruining our health and literally shortening our lives. Sit all day for a career? Your life expectancy can be shortened by 8-10 years!


80% of America spends too much time sitting causing back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, joint pain, sciatica and so much more!
80% of Americans will have at least one episode of debilitating spinal pain. 40% become chronic pain sufferers.

Failed Health

75% of American workers are sedentary. 75% of healthcare expense in the US can be linked to prolonged sitting. Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, vascular disease, neuropathy, obesity, and increased mortality rates can be linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

Lost Productivity

Failed health, depression, anxiety, stress, and pain, leading to disengagement and work detachment. POOR QUALITY OF LIFE! 80% of America sits all day at work, 68% hate it. They want solutions and change.


Get Up! Everybody Up! Activate and engage your muscles. Stretch and relax. Breathe and move! 90 second video activities. Well Fit Plus will notify you and coach you. Every hour, everyday, at your preset schedule.

Video Coaching

90 second long coached video guidance. Follow along at your preset schedule. Perform one video every hour and you’ll perform up to 32 purposeful movement activities everyday. Work your body from head to toe. Daily variety and frequent activity updates.

Scheduled Notifications

Set your own schedule. Reminders sent on your mobile device. We recommend an hourly schedule or more frequent if your job allows.

Tracking & Accountability

View your personal performance statistics and be accountable for your wellness. Challenge yourself to meet and exceed Well Fit Plus goals. Maintain and beat your longest consecutive performance streak. Perform bonus sessions to improve your scores and achieve new personal bests.

Proactive Wellness

Be proactive! Counteract postural stress, mental stress, and the cascade to failed health caused by prolonged sitting. Move your body, activate your mind, take a 90 second healthy activity break. Let’s increase the odds that  our next annual physical will be better than our last.

Engaged, Happier, Healthier Workforce

Instill a sense of community spirit and personal accomplishment everyday amongst your workforce. Users report increased energy, mental relaxation, and improved quality of work and home life. It’s as easy as 90 seconds every hour.

Purposeful Movement Activities

Our video purposeful movement activities are specifically structured to counteract the physical and mental stress associated with prolonged sitting and inactivity. Move, stretch, flex, work the muscles throughout your body.

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Proactive approach to health improvement. Reduced sedentary postural pain, back pain, neck pain, tension, headaches, sciatica and more. Research suggests frequent movement is beneficial for reducing the risk of diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, heart disease, vascular disease, anxiety, depression, peripheral neuropathy, and even cancer. Increased longevity. Reduced mortality. Structure, accountability, reliability, awareness and variety all in one program.


Reported side effects include weight loss, increased energy, increased health awareness, inadvertent exercising at your desk between scheduled app sessions, smiling, and improved quality of life. Long term improved health and increased longevity may be experienced. Expect reliability, variety, motivation and efficacy, all in one workplace program.


Put the Well Fit Plus app playing in plain view for your co-workers. In no time everyone is looking forward to the hourly activity break. Participants have consistently reported this viral phenomena. A happier, engaged and more productive workplace is second only to a physically and mentally healthier worker.

Why Well Fit Plus

Sitting is shortening our lives, ruining our health, escalating healthcare expense, and reducing productivity. Sitting shuts our bodies down and dulls the mind. Show your employees you are aware and that you care. Provide your workforce with the opportunity and workplace friendly program to accomplish more at work.

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